Thursday, February 10, 2011


       This movie have 7 series, and the latest series known as SAW 3D. This is a thriller movie. All the SAW series is about a game that set up by a man known as ‘Jigsaw’. ‘Jigsaw’ is the man with cancer suffers and an engineer also has a pregnant wife. One day, a drug addict cause his son killed. Start from that, he create the killer device and teach victim about their mistake what is done in the past.  The beauty of the SAW movies is that the fate of the players of the game is entirely in their own hands. Although this movie is filled with violence, but there are still lesson that infused. The lesson that infused in this movie is revenge does not work, self control and teamwork.

       Firstly, the undeniable truth is that revenge doesn’t work and it always leads to more problems down the road. Taking revenge on someone only causes that person to take revenge back as well. Vengeance only hurts you and the ones you love and care about. This lesson is in the 3rd series where Jeff is an anguished man, who grieves and misses his young son that was killed by a driver in a car accident. He has become obsessed for revenge against the man and reckless with his wife and daughter. In the game that was set up by ‘Jigsaw’, Jeff failed and causes the death of his daughter and his wife.

       Secondly, self control is the ability to control emotions, behaviour and desires in order to obtain some reward later. However, if someone does not have self control, all plans that have made will fail. In the 4th movie, Lt.Rigg impatient for going through an unsecured door because he obsessed to save Detective Eric Matthews but his action causes the detective death.

       Lastly, team work is work performed by a team towards a common goal. However, if does not work in group, then the work cannot be completed properly and will cause failure. For example, in the 5th movie the five people told by Jigsaw's puppet that "Five will become one, with the common goal of survival." He states that while their "lifelong instincts will tell you to react one way, I implore you to do the opposite." However, the test was failed because they did not work in team.

       Overall, although this movie is cruel and there are many blood and deaths, but the lesson such revenge does not work, self control and teamwork give a lot of awareness among the audience. Live or die, make your choice. This is the massage that left in this movie.



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