Sunday, February 13, 2011

Finding Nemo

This is an animated comedy adventure about finding a very small fish in a very large ocean. Marlin is a more-than-slightly paranoid Clown Fish who is extremely devoted to his young son, Nemo , the only survivor after an undersea predator swallowed up Nemo's mother and her other offspring. It's not Marlin's nature to explore unfamiliar waters, but when he and Nemo are accidentally separated near the Great Barrier Reef en route to Nemo's first day of fish school, Marlin gathers his courage and sets out to find his son.

However, while Nemo was looking at a boat passing on the surface, he was caught in a net and given a new home in a dentist's aquarium. As Marlin searches for his son, he makes friends with a friendly but absent-minded Regal Blue Tang named Dory , a Great White Shark named Bruce  who is trying to cut fish out of his diet, a beach-rat Sea Tortoise named Crush , and Nigel , a Pelican who can take Marlin's search from the ocean to dry land. 

There’s a moral for both parents and children in this movie. For children, it is to listen to your parents because they know what is the best for you, defying could lead to you endangering yourself. For parents the moral is to understand that children need a certain amount  of independence whilst growing up so that they can learn from their mistakes. Parents also should give the word spirit to their children so that they are     trying toimprove themselves and become the pride of the family.

Be faithful to your friends while your friend need you. Helping a friend when the situation is difficult or easy, and one day he will help us as well. We do not expect a reply and the help that the characteristics of a faithful friend. A true friend is a friend who always respects us, tolerance, and gives good views and suggestions to us. Like in this story, Dori is always looking for other fish to help find the child Marlin, Nemo and sometimes Marlin played by friends of Dori about he missing child.

Besides that, we also do not give up easily in the face of many obstacles that hit and strive to find solutions. If working in groups, work as a team. In conclusion, the moral of the story is listen to your parents and for parents is understand that children need a certain of independence. Be faithful to your friends and do not give up easily.

By: Nur Syahirah Bt. Azammuddin (2010467536)

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