Friday, March 25, 2011

My Opinion

In my opinion, online quizzes has gives many advantages for students. Students can improve their grammar by answering the questions that cover various types of grammar as well as to identify and expand vocabulary. For me, I can reinforce and remember the basics of grammar that can help me a bit at the end of the final examination later. This quiz is very good for me because I can spend the time to make the bel excercise. Before this, I'm not making training for the bel because I was more focused on other subjects. I think this online quiz should continue for the next semester so that students can take some benefit from this assignment.
Nur Syazwanie Idayu bt Roslan

Quizzes Review

Based on what I have gone through, I realized that by doing quizzes can enhance our English language proficiency for academic and professional purpose . I learned tons of new verbs, phrases, and I also learned how to spell it right, how to pronoun something correctly. These quizzes gave me tips, hint, and taught me do and don't. I really like doing this these kind of quizzes. It provide us valuable knowledge. Students can do as much as quizzes as they want since this is a self-access learning resources. Plus, it does not charge us anything. Thanks to those who are directly or indirectly involved. Keep it up the good work! ;]

Sincerely by,


In my opinion,
I think the benefit of this quiz is it improve our English skills. Its also provides us with many challenging quizzes which is hard for me to do it. This quizzes also improve my grammar and my idiomatic expression. =D
thats all..TQ!

>> sincerely: suhana ^^

quiz review

My review about quizzes that I have done before is this quizzes help me very well to improve my grammar skill. These quizzes help me in arrangement of word, spelling and others. These quizzes also help me in writing skill. I also can know where my mistake in writing and grammar. My spelling also can improve. I hope after this I can learn English in better way.

Nur Syakirah binti Mohd Noh (2010636548)

Quiz Opinion

I think the significant of this quiz is it improve our English skills. Through this exercises, our grammar, vocabulary and spelling skills boost tremendously. It provides us with many challenging quizzes. While the disadvantages of this method is it disturbing the students schedule as our schedule are very packed.It also hard to do because of the slow internet line.
by: Mohd Saifuddin Popo. :-* 2010646038


In my opinion , by doing this online quizzes , student would get many benefits . For myself , i can answer many varieties of questions , either its too hard or too easy . But i prefer the easiest , haha :) Besides , i also can learn many things about grammar , words , sentences and many more . This can improve my skills in answering any type of question . Online quizzes also can give chance to me for choosing what kind of questions that i want to complete . Last but not least , i really enjoy and have fun when doing all this quizzes :)

Nur Syahidatul Hafzan bt Daud :)
Kadeq Anemone - lahh :)

My opinion about a headache quizzes at MylinE

I think the quizzes is very challenging and improving my grammar because some question they give the answers and an explaination why we cannot use of these words (it means when we get incorrect answers). Besides, I can learn a new words from there which is, I had to open my dictionary -_____-. They also gives us until 5 attempt to take the quizzes again, that is, I always do if mark is low :-). Last but not least, this quizzes is very good if we want to learn a something that is new and want to improves our grammars.
by: Nursyafiqah Ahmadzaki, 2010846284


From my point of view, these online quizzes give students like me a lot of benefits such as improve my grammar, communication skills and also in writing essay. Besides that, these quizzes also can widen my english's knowledge in vocab and words. In my own opinion, these quizzes is the best way to practice my grammar skills and i really enjoyed did those quizzes because it is fun and have no time limit.

2010677226. :]

the online quizzes??!!

in my opinion, i think online quizzes is very good and very interesting as student can learn new technique of study and they can do the exercises wherever they want. by doing online quizzes, the student can do more exercises and practices without a limit of time. in personally, i seriously enjoy this online quizzes.. (~.~)

by: nur syazaliyana bt azali

my opinion about online quizzes

Most of all, i think this online quizzes are beneficial for students as it helps to improve our grammar. i enjoyed did those quizzes as whenever i got wrong answers, then it indicated the right answers. so that, i can learn from my mistakes in order to improve my languange and grammar skills in English. what special about this online quizzes are we don't have to spend our money for books! it is all in the internet!! ooyeeeahhhh! 


online quizzes-syud's opinion *__*

in my opinion, this online quizzes is very effective way to help students improve their grammar. this online quizzes provide many type of questions. so, the students will expose to variety type of questions. this quiz also help us to learn from our mistakes in grammar by providing correct answer for each of the wrong question that we've answered.  but, not all student get the chance to try this quiz. those who have internet only can try out this quiz.

syudzahari *__*
In my opinion, this online quizzes have their own benefit. First of all, this quizzes help me to improve my language. beside that, it make me more understand how to create the right sentences. This quizzes easily to do to all student. I think all student should try this quizzes


Online Quizz Opinion

My thought of the online quizzes is that, first I think it is good for University student now days because it can be done by anyone at any level. Not just that, the online quizzes also can help to improve their language skills and grammar skills. Furthermore, reduce the time need to do quizzes by hand because by online you can get it done in just a few minutes. That's all.
thank you

Mohd Nasrul Nizam Bin Mohd Naser


opinion for OnLinE QuizZes (^_~)

I think that this online quizzes give a benefit for student. From this quizzes, it teach us how to differentiate between rise and raise, except and accept, preposition and many more. Furthermore, this online quizzes help the student to improve their grammar. This teach us basic grammar and this quizzes is interesting. I think, this quizzes should be continued to improve student's grammar. 

Nur Syazwani Muhamad
~waniaudadi~mk~wani anemono~

~Opinion On Online Quizzes ~

First of all, the online quizzes is good for students to improve their english skills not just grammar but also writing and others. Beside, even at anywhere or anytime anyone can do their quizzes as long as they have an internet with them. Furthermore, with the accessible of wi-fi internet around campuses I think student don't have problem on doing the quiz.=)

Zamir Aliff B Zafri

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Opinion on Online Quizzes

In my opinion, online quiz is quite good for students. There are pros and cons for student like me. The pros are, I can improve my grammar and speaking. The cons are the internet connection here is not smooth. So it takes time to complete the quizzes. I think these quizzes should be taken by each students.

Nur Syahirah Binti Salim

online quizzes OPINION. =____=

In my opinion, this quizzes has it own benefits. firstly, it help us to understand more on using correct words and sentences. by understand more about correct verb to used this will jack up and polish our grammar skills. second, this quizzes help us to learn and widen our knowledge on english words and vocab. :)

done by; nur wanie -_____-

The Online Quizzes ;)

In my personal opinion , i think the online quizzes did bring benefits . First of all , these quizzes help us to improve our grammar skills ,  since most of us tend to make grammar mistake in our writing and also conversation. It can also help us to have better understanding in basic grammar knowledge . We could also improve our writing ability . Well , what can i say , practice make perfect ! These quizzes are obviously the best alternative to practice our grammar skills and most significantly to improve our knowledge :)


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My opinion about online quizzes

First of all, I think this quizzes is a necessary for students to improve their grammar, vocabulary and writing skills. Besides that, it is a good way to encourage the students to do the quizzes as most of the students are lazy. Thus, this will make students to do the quizzes as the quizzes are compulsory. Last but not least, the online quizzes should be proceed for the next semester for the sake of the student's future.



In my opinion, I think it is a best medium for a student like me to study about grammar. It is simple to method of study, just click on it, but there is a small problem about it for me. There is no notes and explaination before I complete the exercises.
Muhamad Azlan Bin Ahmad Sabri.

My opinion About BEL260 online quizzes

In my view related to this online quiz, it is good for students. It helps the students to improve on their speech, writing and the most important thing is grammar. Besides that, it also can be our extra work while we are doing nothing. Other than that, it such a simple way to understand more about grammar. Last but not least, i think this online quiz for BEL 260 should be continued for the next semester.

izzuddin salleh

Online Quizzes-My Opion :)

From my point of view, online quiz is good in enhancing the ability of students to use grammar correctly. Grammar is essential in English subject and is the basic skill in learning this language. Thus, I would like to say that online quiz  should be carried out by students for every semester as these kind of quizzes may help them in improving their  communication skills and also in writing essay.
Nur Khairiah binti Shaari

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My opinion About BEL260 online quizes

In my opinion,i think that this quizzes really help me to improve my grammar skills besides let me to do more grammar exercises. All student should  have to take this quizzes because the quiz is very simple, very basic grammar knowledge. It will help us while during essays to reduce our grammar mistakes. I'm suggest to the lecturer to keep continue ask the student to do all the quizzes to overcome student's grammar problems.

AS120 2E2