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MENCARI POPULARITI BERSAMA(org pon asik tgk n amik gambo kiter je)




nice caption



with luV,
terima kasih kerana jadi kawan saye!!!
harapan hubungan kita tak akan terpisah and terputus. AMIN. 
ku doakan kalian bahagia and
GOoD LUCK FoR FiNAl!!!!!!
aku sayang korg,
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3 idiot

My favourite movie is 3 Idiots . Farhan Qireshi(R.Madharan),Raju Rastogi(Sharman Joshi), and Racchoddas Syamaldas Chanchad “rancho” (Aamir Khan) are three engineering student who share a room in a hostel at the Imperial College of Engineering “ICE”.Ranche is passionate about machines.Professor Viru Sahastrabudhhe (ViruS )(Boman Irani).Rancho irritates lecturers with creative answer.He confronts Virus after fellow student Joy Lobo commit suicide .ViruS labels Rancho and his friends ,Farhan and Raju as “ 3 idiot “ .In contrast, virus favourite student is Chatur Ramalingam “silencer “ (Omi Vaidya ) whose thinking is completely opposite from Rancho who believe in mindless memorizing compare to understanding.Meanwhile,ranche also falls in love with Virus medical student daughter Pia(Kareena Kapoor) when he,Raju and Farhan crash her sister’s wedding banquet in order to get a free meal.One day, Rancho and Farhan break into Virus ‘ office and steals the exam paper and give it to Raju because Virus make a difficult exam paper just to make Raju fails in his exam . However,Virus catches the trio and expels them on the spot.At the same time , Virus ‘ pregnant elder daughter Mona (Mona Singh) goes into labour pain . A heavy storm and rain cut all electrical power and traffic jam and Piya is at the hospital.So, she instruct Rancho to deliver the baby in the college common room via VOIP, and all student and leaders by Rancho restore power using car batteries and power inverter that Rancho had dreamed up and Virus had mocked . Rancho then deliver the baby with the help of a cobbled-together vacuum extractor.So,they can continues their study and graduate successfully.At the end of the story , Rancho or his real name Phunsukh Wangdu is the famous scientist and he open a school that apply an invention of machine for the children.He also meet his true love,Pia.

The are many lesson in this movie of 3 idiots .Firstly, I want to highlight about we have to use our intelligent ,knowledge and skill in our daily life .For example is to help people in difficult .In this movie, it show that Rancho and his friends who are engineering students create a wonderful machine to help Mona deliver her first baby .As a result , they do a good job and successfully save the baby and his mother ‘s life.
The next lesson that I would like to make is we have to appreaciate our friendship .Frienship is really important and without friends , our life is meaningless .We have to be good to our friends and help them when they are in trouble .In this movie ,Rancho try hard to send Raju‘s father to the hospital .If a bit late ,Raju will lose his lovely father forever .Rancho also help his friend,Farhan to tell his parent about his real ambition .He want to be a photographer and not an engineer .He really afraid to do that but Rancho give him full support because it is about Farhan’s future .At first ,his parents are too shock but finally his parents understand what Farhan want in his life and they agree.
Lastly,the lesson in this movie is we have to respect someone decision without control them.We have not to be selfish because it can make a worse to ourselves and other people.For instance,in this movie ViruS has a son and his son is dead because of commited succide in front of a train.He was really tension with his father.ViruS had force him to pursue a career in engineering over his love for literature.Actually,ViruS had decide that his son will become an engineer and his daughter will become a doctor and his decision is conform and cannot be compromise.

In a nut shell , 3 Idiots movie is a very best movie that I haven seen .This movie has very interesting story line and has many lesson such as we have to use our intelligent,knowledge and knowledge in our daily life .Futhermore, we have to appreaciate our friendship and last one we have to respect someone decision without control them.It is not surprise why this movie within 10 days release,the film crossed the 1 billion mark in india and the film also win many international awards.


Friday, March 25, 2011

My Opinion

In my opinion, online quizzes has gives many advantages for students. Students can improve their grammar by answering the questions that cover various types of grammar as well as to identify and expand vocabulary. For me, I can reinforce and remember the basics of grammar that can help me a bit at the end of the final examination later. This quiz is very good for me because I can spend the time to make the bel excercise. Before this, I'm not making training for the bel because I was more focused on other subjects. I think this online quiz should continue for the next semester so that students can take some benefit from this assignment.
Nur Syazwanie Idayu bt Roslan

Quizzes Review

Based on what I have gone through, I realized that by doing quizzes can enhance our English language proficiency for academic and professional purpose . I learned tons of new verbs, phrases, and I also learned how to spell it right, how to pronoun something correctly. These quizzes gave me tips, hint, and taught me do and don't. I really like doing this these kind of quizzes. It provide us valuable knowledge. Students can do as much as quizzes as they want since this is a self-access learning resources. Plus, it does not charge us anything. Thanks to those who are directly or indirectly involved. Keep it up the good work! ;]

Sincerely by,


In my opinion,
I think the benefit of this quiz is it improve our English skills. Its also provides us with many challenging quizzes which is hard for me to do it. This quizzes also improve my grammar and my idiomatic expression. =D
thats all..TQ!

>> sincerely: suhana ^^

quiz review

My review about quizzes that I have done before is this quizzes help me very well to improve my grammar skill. These quizzes help me in arrangement of word, spelling and others. These quizzes also help me in writing skill. I also can know where my mistake in writing and grammar. My spelling also can improve. I hope after this I can learn English in better way.

Nur Syakirah binti Mohd Noh (2010636548)

Quiz Opinion

I think the significant of this quiz is it improve our English skills. Through this exercises, our grammar, vocabulary and spelling skills boost tremendously. It provides us with many challenging quizzes. While the disadvantages of this method is it disturbing the students schedule as our schedule are very packed.It also hard to do because of the slow internet line.
by: Mohd Saifuddin Popo. :-* 2010646038


In my opinion , by doing this online quizzes , student would get many benefits . For myself , i can answer many varieties of questions , either its too hard or too easy . But i prefer the easiest , haha :) Besides , i also can learn many things about grammar , words , sentences and many more . This can improve my skills in answering any type of question . Online quizzes also can give chance to me for choosing what kind of questions that i want to complete . Last but not least , i really enjoy and have fun when doing all this quizzes :)

Nur Syahidatul Hafzan bt Daud :)
Kadeq Anemone - lahh :)

My opinion about a headache quizzes at MylinE

I think the quizzes is very challenging and improving my grammar because some question they give the answers and an explaination why we cannot use of these words (it means when we get incorrect answers). Besides, I can learn a new words from there which is, I had to open my dictionary -_____-. They also gives us until 5 attempt to take the quizzes again, that is, I always do if mark is low :-). Last but not least, this quizzes is very good if we want to learn a something that is new and want to improves our grammars.
by: Nursyafiqah Ahmadzaki, 2010846284


From my point of view, these online quizzes give students like me a lot of benefits such as improve my grammar, communication skills and also in writing essay. Besides that, these quizzes also can widen my english's knowledge in vocab and words. In my own opinion, these quizzes is the best way to practice my grammar skills and i really enjoyed did those quizzes because it is fun and have no time limit.

2010677226. :]

the online quizzes??!!

in my opinion, i think online quizzes is very good and very interesting as student can learn new technique of study and they can do the exercises wherever they want. by doing online quizzes, the student can do more exercises and practices without a limit of time. in personally, i seriously enjoy this online quizzes.. (~.~)

by: nur syazaliyana bt azali

my opinion about online quizzes

Most of all, i think this online quizzes are beneficial for students as it helps to improve our grammar. i enjoyed did those quizzes as whenever i got wrong answers, then it indicated the right answers. so that, i can learn from my mistakes in order to improve my languange and grammar skills in English. what special about this online quizzes are we don't have to spend our money for books! it is all in the internet!! ooyeeeahhhh! 


online quizzes-syud's opinion *__*

in my opinion, this online quizzes is very effective way to help students improve their grammar. this online quizzes provide many type of questions. so, the students will expose to variety type of questions. this quiz also help us to learn from our mistakes in grammar by providing correct answer for each of the wrong question that we've answered.  but, not all student get the chance to try this quiz. those who have internet only can try out this quiz.

syudzahari *__*
In my opinion, this online quizzes have their own benefit. First of all, this quizzes help me to improve my language. beside that, it make me more understand how to create the right sentences. This quizzes easily to do to all student. I think all student should try this quizzes


Online Quizz Opinion

My thought of the online quizzes is that, first I think it is good for University student now days because it can be done by anyone at any level. Not just that, the online quizzes also can help to improve their language skills and grammar skills. Furthermore, reduce the time need to do quizzes by hand because by online you can get it done in just a few minutes. That's all.
thank you

Mohd Nasrul Nizam Bin Mohd Naser


opinion for OnLinE QuizZes (^_~)

I think that this online quizzes give a benefit for student. From this quizzes, it teach us how to differentiate between rise and raise, except and accept, preposition and many more. Furthermore, this online quizzes help the student to improve their grammar. This teach us basic grammar and this quizzes is interesting. I think, this quizzes should be continued to improve student's grammar. 

Nur Syazwani Muhamad
~waniaudadi~mk~wani anemono~

~Opinion On Online Quizzes ~

First of all, the online quizzes is good for students to improve their english skills not just grammar but also writing and others. Beside, even at anywhere or anytime anyone can do their quizzes as long as they have an internet with them. Furthermore, with the accessible of wi-fi internet around campuses I think student don't have problem on doing the quiz.=)

Zamir Aliff B Zafri

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Opinion on Online Quizzes

In my opinion, online quiz is quite good for students. There are pros and cons for student like me. The pros are, I can improve my grammar and speaking. The cons are the internet connection here is not smooth. So it takes time to complete the quizzes. I think these quizzes should be taken by each students.

Nur Syahirah Binti Salim

online quizzes OPINION. =____=

In my opinion, this quizzes has it own benefits. firstly, it help us to understand more on using correct words and sentences. by understand more about correct verb to used this will jack up and polish our grammar skills. second, this quizzes help us to learn and widen our knowledge on english words and vocab. :)

done by; nur wanie -_____-

The Online Quizzes ;)

In my personal opinion , i think the online quizzes did bring benefits . First of all , these quizzes help us to improve our grammar skills ,  since most of us tend to make grammar mistake in our writing and also conversation. It can also help us to have better understanding in basic grammar knowledge . We could also improve our writing ability . Well , what can i say , practice make perfect ! These quizzes are obviously the best alternative to practice our grammar skills and most significantly to improve our knowledge :)


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My opinion about online quizzes

First of all, I think this quizzes is a necessary for students to improve their grammar, vocabulary and writing skills. Besides that, it is a good way to encourage the students to do the quizzes as most of the students are lazy. Thus, this will make students to do the quizzes as the quizzes are compulsory. Last but not least, the online quizzes should be proceed for the next semester for the sake of the student's future.



In my opinion, I think it is a best medium for a student like me to study about grammar. It is simple to method of study, just click on it, but there is a small problem about it for me. There is no notes and explaination before I complete the exercises.
Muhamad Azlan Bin Ahmad Sabri.

My opinion About BEL260 online quizzes

In my view related to this online quiz, it is good for students. It helps the students to improve on their speech, writing and the most important thing is grammar. Besides that, it also can be our extra work while we are doing nothing. Other than that, it such a simple way to understand more about grammar. Last but not least, i think this online quiz for BEL 260 should be continued for the next semester.

izzuddin salleh

Online Quizzes-My Opion :)

From my point of view, online quiz is good in enhancing the ability of students to use grammar correctly. Grammar is essential in English subject and is the basic skill in learning this language. Thus, I would like to say that online quiz  should be carried out by students for every semester as these kind of quizzes may help them in improving their  communication skills and also in writing essay.
Nur Khairiah binti Shaari

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My opinion About BEL260 online quizes

In my opinion,i think that this quizzes really help me to improve my grammar skills besides let me to do more grammar exercises. All student should  have to take this quizzes because the quiz is very simple, very basic grammar knowledge. It will help us while during essays to reduce our grammar mistakes. I'm suggest to the lecturer to keep continue ask the student to do all the quizzes to overcome student's grammar problems.

AS120 2E2

Monday, February 14, 2011

Attention Please

Attention Please is a story about a girl, Yoko Misaki, age around 20 years old, who had lost her mother at young age. She had a crush on a guy, Tsukasa. Tsukasa always make fun of Misaki because of her boyish ettique, appearance just like a men. The way she walk and dress is not that feminin. One day, Tsukasa mentions that he wonders how she would look like in a uniform, the uniforms of the stewardess or in other word, cabin attendant. So she took it seriously, and work hard to wear the uniforms. She goes through ups and downs while she is in the training to become a cabin attendant, yet, she still keep smiling, good in hiding her sadness. From a girl who lack of manners, rough, unpatient, she turns out to be an outstanding cabin attendant. She manage to handle any issues that happen during the flight. She still the old Misake-san who loves to make hilarious spontaneous action, cheering up her friends, give them supports from the back and the side.

The first lesson that i learned from this movie is, DON'T YOU EVER KNOW THE WORD 'give up'. No matter how it starts, you started it, and you need to finish what you have started. Do not turn your back, keep the strong enthusiasms in your heart and in your mind, the whole body will do the same. Eventhough Misaki almost giving up, but she stand up and took her weakness as a challenge to move forward. She is a strong girl. Students nowadays should motivate theirself whenever they failed doing something or the things that they want turns upside-down. Therefore, stand up straight! Fight for your future sake!

There is one day when she was 'borrowing' her Senpai also known as Senior, uniforms, with the seniority scarf. Peoples, customers, guests and staffs treat her like she is real cabin attendant. She gets too exiting about wearing the uniform till a women which is a passenger ask her to guide her because she could not understand Japanese. Both of them, Misaki and the women, could not understand other languages and they are not really good in English. Misaki gets stress-out about the issue. Later on she started to think of the solution. She came out with this great idea, use a Body language. And she made it! She manage to guide the women to the gate and the women thank Misaki for her help. That day means a lot to Misaki, she learn more from the passenger that day and she started to understand the role of a cabin attendant. It is not just wearing gorgeous uniforms, it is all about helping the passengers, treating them equally with fully manners and enlighten their day.

Misaki-san working hard to get through the training session and pass the exam in order for her to become a cabin attendant. She use her free-time by applying all the knowledge that she has learned through-out the months from her instructor, Mikami Tamaki. Misaki used to give a burden to her group-mates when she always making some trouble and coming to class late. She is changing herself slowly from her appearance, attitudes, and performance. No one knows that she is practically training in the Training Room until one of her bestfriend notice it and inform it to their group-mates on how Misaki is trying hard to makesure everything going right. Misaki hopes that they all of them will pass the intermediate exam with flying colours. And they did. Congrats!

In conclusion, there is tons of other lessons that we can gain through this Japanese Drama. Please kindly watch this drama, ask me if you want the 11 episode of Attention Please. This drama help me to be more motivated and focus on my goal. It taught me for not knowing the word 'giving up'. If you are going through a problem, try to understand the situation and try to find the solution. Do not take something simply, because you may not know that it is more than that. To achieve something that you have dream of, you need to work hard and stay strong to achieve your goal. You the one that start to think about the goal, and you are the one that is responsible to complete it. Attitude is an important thing that you need to take care of. You knew your attitude, but you yourself are hard to trace which one is bad. People around you can see your real attitude, therefore, open up your mind, try to make some changes, from bad to better. It worth if you do it in the correct way. Avoid tuning fingers to others, infact, tune it to yourself. You will gain some lesson from it. Good Luck and thank you.

Rate for this Japanese story: *****

Mohd Faris Fikri bin Rusli

Saving Private Ryan

The story begins on June 6, 1944 in Normandy on Omaha Beach. Captain John Miller and his men land on a beach where the battle rages. In England, some realize that three of the four brothers of the Ryan family have died in combat. A rescue mission is organized to find the last of the four brothers, James F. Ryan, which was conducted by Captain Miller with a small elite group of 8 men. Only later, by chance, Miller finds Ryan and he announces to him that he has lost his three brothers and has his ticket back home. But, Ryan insists to defend the bridge over the Merderet river which he was assigned. Germans attack! The battle rages between SS troops with a regiment of armored units and the small American group. Finally, at the last moment, American planes attack. Of the 8 men in search of Ryan, only 2 survive. Ryan, meanwhile, has returned home, in Iowa. He will try to live as best he can to honor the sacrifice of the men who died to save him.
The moral of the story which I found in this movie is we must complete the task or mission that was given to us. During the mission to save Ryan, the soldiers doubts about why they have to face the danger only to save a person from war. It then became worse when one of the eight soldiers that conducted the mission was killed. He was killed by a German sniper in a Norman village in ruins. Despite that, Captain Miller ask their remaining men to continue the mission and they done just that. Lastly, only two from eight soldiers survived in that mission. I am very impressed with their determination to complete the task given to them although they knew that the task was dangerous and ridiculous.
This movie also contains nationalism moral value. As a citizen, we must always ready to defend our country if the enemy, such as Israel attacked us. The show shows that Nationalism is important in each human being. The American soldiers battle to the death in order to achieve victory for their nation. For example, in Normanday in Omaha Beach, U.S. soldiers are being slaughtered and survive only those who put themselves in the shelter of a dune. In a conclusion, we must ready to defend our nation if it being attacked.
The most important moral value in this show is we must make preparations before doing something. In this story, we can see that moral value when Captain Miller pick the seven best soldiers to bring with him to conduct a mission. While, the soldiers prepared themselves by taking the best equipment to bring such as weapons and food. Besides, Captain Miller and his men prepared a deadly booby-trap to face the overwhelming German soldiers in the last battle. They placed boms inside the road and under the bridge to damage the enemy tanks. He also made a clinical strategy such as placing a sniper on top of a building. So, we must always prepare ourselves in order to overcome the problems that will face us.
In a conclusion, the duty that was given to us must be finished. We must also must defend our country if it being attacked by evil enemy.
Prepared by, Mohd Saifuddin Bin Mohd Zulkufli AS1202E2 2010646038

Kung fu Panda Extravaganza

Kung fu Panda Extravaganza
I like to watching movie. Obviously, on weekend with my friends at the cinema. There are many movie I already watched. I found some of them very interesting also some of them is bad. I want to share about a movie I think the best movie I have seen so far in my life. The movie was kung fu panda. I had already watched this movie about ten times because I like this movie very much. Here I want to share about what I had learned lesson through this movie.
            First, this movie is about a big fat panda who are very interested in china’s kung fu art. He does not believe in himself to be a master in china’s  kung fu art but it is his dream every all the single day. But finally, he found the way to prove his talent even he is a big fat panda in the town. So in my opinion, I already learned something good lesson that I can follow. That is, we must believe in ourselves and there is nothing that we cannot do. Just believe in ourselves.
            Second, before the panda be a master in china’s  kung fu art, he got a lot of troubles. For example, because of his big fat body, no one trusted him can achieve the stage of master in kung fu art. Even his sifu also does not trusted in him to be the dragon warrior. But he does not give up easily. He face all the troubles without feel tired. We can see the value of determination in his heart. So, from this lesson, we can follow this good value and apply it in our everyday life to make our life more better.
            Lastly, I already learned a valuable lesson trough this movie. That is do not judge people by their appearance. Even the panda have a big stomach and fat in all his body, he got powerful talent in kung fu art and his heart is hard like a stone because it is not easy to be great warrior in kung fu art within many lack in personality and he will never give up all the way to achieve the name of ‘dragon warrior’. So do not say people who have week appearance does not have brave heart.
            In a nutshell, based on this movie, we can conclude that even we are not good at everything, but we must good at something. So we have to find in ourselves about our talent with full of patient and have knowledge. So that we can achieve what we wan and what we dream about. Based on this movie, I think this is the best movie ever because I will laugh all the single minute when I watching this movie and it make me so happy. Hahaha…huhuhu….hihihi…!! =)=)
By: Muhamad Azlan bin Ahmad Sabri-2010232568

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Finding Nemo

This is an animated comedy adventure about finding a very small fish in a very large ocean. Marlin is a more-than-slightly paranoid Clown Fish who is extremely devoted to his young son, Nemo , the only survivor after an undersea predator swallowed up Nemo's mother and her other offspring. It's not Marlin's nature to explore unfamiliar waters, but when he and Nemo are accidentally separated near the Great Barrier Reef en route to Nemo's first day of fish school, Marlin gathers his courage and sets out to find his son.

However, while Nemo was looking at a boat passing on the surface, he was caught in a net and given a new home in a dentist's aquarium. As Marlin searches for his son, he makes friends with a friendly but absent-minded Regal Blue Tang named Dory , a Great White Shark named Bruce  who is trying to cut fish out of his diet, a beach-rat Sea Tortoise named Crush , and Nigel , a Pelican who can take Marlin's search from the ocean to dry land. 

There’s a moral for both parents and children in this movie. For children, it is to listen to your parents because they know what is the best for you, defying could lead to you endangering yourself. For parents the moral is to understand that children need a certain amount  of independence whilst growing up so that they can learn from their mistakes. Parents also should give the word spirit to their children so that they are     trying toimprove themselves and become the pride of the family.

Be faithful to your friends while your friend need you. Helping a friend when the situation is difficult or easy, and one day he will help us as well. We do not expect a reply and the help that the characteristics of a faithful friend. A true friend is a friend who always respects us, tolerance, and gives good views and suggestions to us. Like in this story, Dori is always looking for other fish to help find the child Marlin, Nemo and sometimes Marlin played by friends of Dori about he missing child.

Besides that, we also do not give up easily in the face of many obstacles that hit and strive to find solutions. If working in groups, work as a team. In conclusion, the moral of the story is listen to your parents and for parents is understand that children need a certain of independence. Be faithful to your friends and do not give up easily.

By: Nur Syahirah Bt. Azammuddin (2010467536)


          Toy story is a buddy movie or an adventure tale with the two main characters are cowboy Woody and the old-time favorite space ranger Buzz Lightyear as the battery-operated newcomer. This story is about Woody, a traditional pull-string talking cowboy, has long enjoyed a place of honor as the favorite among six-year-old Andy’s menagerie of toys. Quick to calm their anxieties about being replaced by newer arrivals, Woody finds his own confidence shaken and his status as top toy in jeopardy, upon the arrival of Buzz Lightyear, simply the coolest space action figure ever made. Woody plots to get rid of Buzz, but finally he and Buzz was lost in the outside world with Buzz as his only companion. Joining forces to find their way home, the two rivals set out on an adventure that lands them in the clutches of Sid, a sadistic neighborhood kid who is notorious for dismembering and reassembling “mutant” toys in his bedroom. As “guest” of Sid, Woody and Buzz forge a genuine friendship and learn that only through mutual trust and not easily give up is their only chance of survival.
          “Friendship will never end”. We always heard that sentences and we also might agree with it. It is true that friendship will never end if it base on a genuine friendship. Without a genuine friendship, the relationship that has been build will surely become estranged or even worse, might be break. Example of friendship that we can see from this movie is a friendship that has been build between Andy and Woody. Even though Woody is only a toy, but for Andy, Woody is his best friend and when Woody is missing from home, Andy felt so sad. Another example that we can see in this story is when Woody show this quality of friendship when he tried to save Buzz from being exploded by Sid using an explode-rocket. Even though Woody had tried to get rid of Buzz, but at the end of the story they become best-friend because of that incident.   As a conclusion, a good friend is a friend that always will stand by your side no matter in what condition.  
          Second lessons that I learn through this movie is the important of mutual trust in a relationship. Mutual trust is a shared belief that depend on each other to achieve a common purpose. In this story, mutual trust is shown when Woody and Buzz tried to escape from Sid’s room. Woody and Buzz build a mutual trust by teamwork in their mission to find their way out. Another mutual trust example that we can see from this movie is when the tiny little soldiers are cooperate to get down from Andy’s room to scout out the new arrivals of present on birthdays and Christmas.  In conclusion, it is strongly recommended that mutual trust is a critical value that relationship should have so that the relationship will last forever. Without a mutual trust, a relationship that been build will be fragile and easily break.
          Third lesson that I get from this story is don’t let jealously control your thinking or get in the way of making new friend. In this movie, because of jealously, Woody tried to get rid of Buzz because he think that Andy’s will never play with him again after Buzz is coming into Andy’s “world”. But things backfire and Woody finds himself lost in the outside world with Buzz as his only companion. Nevertheless, Woody had to cooperate with Buzz to find their way home to Andy’s room. Furthermore, jealously will only getting a relationship in a worse condition. So, as the conclusion, we must tried to get rid of our jealously if we care about the relationship that has been build.
          Last but not least, as the conclusion, genuine friendship and mutual trust is the most critical value that friendship should have in a way of having a long-lasting relationship. In addition, don’t let jealously get in your mind and control your thinking or get in the way of making new friend so that we will be able to get more new friends. :)

        AS120 2E2  (2010604328)

3 Idiots =)

The movie I choose for this assignment is 3 idiots, directed by Rajakumar Hirani. Rancho (Amir Khan) is the most rebelling among them that always questioning things and believing that learning is more important than you study hard to get a better job after graduation. He encourages his friends to look beyond the ordinary of  life and soon he earns the dean list by the college director Viru Sahasrabuddhe (Boman Irani), but fondly  students called him Virus. As he is fun and wacky, Rancho always surprises everyone by topping the class. He even manages to win director's daughter heart, Pia (Kareena Kapoor).  But Rancho's greatest lie is actually making his friends realize their true calling. The twist comes when on the Graduation Day. After being awarded the student of  the year title, Rancho mysteriously disappears without says a goodbye. Years later, Farhan (Madhavan) and Raju(Sharman Joshi), together  they finding  a way and with the help of some clues, they find their friend, Rancho. 3 Idiots is a story of striven at college, a friendship, a hope, and most importantly, the goodness of life.
In the first 15 minutes of this movie start, Rancho teaches us work hard is important to get an excellent result, which is a core message of this film. Excellent cannot be reached if you do it with fearfully as Farhan wants to be a wild photographer but he need to full filled her father’s dream, to be an engineer. Raju, a poor kid who is so afraid with a failure until he become a low self confidence person and Chatur (Omi), who is learning and memorized like a machine to compete with other students to get a best student’s  award. In the nutshell, with a work hard and patience, we can achieve our dreams.
The next lesson is a friendship. In this movie thought the audience to be a faithful friend as they always pass through thick and thin together. For example, Raju is willing to jump against the director’s window at his office because he need to decide whether he will be dismissed from the college or Rancho, his best friend because they breaking the rules. Fortunately, Raju is saved because of a quick action but he in a coma condition. As Rancho and Farhan knows Raju will survive, they do whatever it takes to heal him. I very impressed with their spirit of friendship because they never cares what they do as long as their friend happy with it.
Other than that, audience also can see a hope as a moral value in this movie. Such an example, Rancho always kept a hope that he will confess his feelings at Pia, although Pia is a daughter of his director college, Virus. At last, he managed it and Pia likes him too. This value also can be seen in Raju’s character as he always praying to the god that he will get the flying colour of his result exam. He willing to wear a talisman and seeing a monk to get some advice. Raju also hope that he can change their family life because his father is paralyzed and his mother are getting old to make some money. In a conclusion, human always hope that they will achieve their goals instead of working hard.
Last but not least, we can see the goodness of life start with ourselves. For example, we do not need to force ourselves to do what we do not want to do.  It will gives us a bad consequences. We can see at Farhan character, as he is the last ranking student in their college. It is happened because he does not have any interest in engineering. He always embarrassed with his director, Virus. Rancho is the best example about goodness of life. Although he is an orphan, he always doing the best to achieve his target in his life. Most of them are successful and after he graduate, he become greatest scientist at India. 
 This movie also gives a lot of simple science fact but at the same time, it teaches us how to apply into our lives. For an example, salt water is good a conductor electricity. Everyone mostly read this but not applied it I their lives.  But after watch this movie, I know this statement is proved as I can think it with logically. In this movie, Rancho applied it to his senior for escaping of getting ragged on his very first day of the Imperial Engineering College. Besides it can give us a loud of laugh, we also can cry as the message of this movie is very touching.
 Prepared by Nur Syafiqah Binti Ahmad Zaki, 2010846284

Saturday, February 12, 2011



         Crows zero is a action, comedy and violence movie directed by Takashi Miike. This movie is an adaptation from comics Crows. Crows zero is story about Suzuran high school, not famous in education but known strongly as the bad school. The goal all members suzuran is want to be the strongest school at japan. This school is headed by Takiya Genji. He want to prove to his father(Yakuza leader) and another school that he can join Yakuza(the feared mafia organisation). He fights another school named Housen that have same purpose like Suzuran. Everyone known Housen as ‘the army of killers’. Finally, Genji get respectful from Suzuran members because won the fought with Mito Tatsuya(leader Housen). Suzuran wear the black uniform school while the Housen choose the white colour as their uniform school. I liked this movie not only its action, but it is a lot of moral value.

Firstly, the moral value that I learn from this movie is friendship. Bond among members suzuran is tightly and precisely. In this movie, we can see when one members of suzuran had been beaten with Housen, all the members suzuran comes to revenges to their friend. They never let their member get hurt unless if they all deal to fight as the man(one by one) with Housen. The rest of the member just watch without intefere the both fighting. They never join or help because it symbol of honour for the real man. The both school must admit who was won as the strong fighter. Suzuran members relationship like siblings. In proverb like water will not be chopped off.

Secondly, another lesson is never give up. They must fight until they fall down or fainted. This characteristic have at their leader Genji that don’t know means of give up. He only knew wanted to bring back honour to Suzuran. From this soul he have trusted and respected from Suzuran members to led them. Genji also has won fight with Tatsuya due to this features. For me as student, we must have this spirit to face all the conjecture and challenge in our journey. If we weak or easily discouraged will been failed in our future.

Another lesson that i got from this movie is brave. This lesson we can see in the climax from this movie. The climax is when Genji comes to fighting alone against Housen leader. Genji did not want any of them get hurt because they are less in number than Housen. To full his promised, he comes alone to defeat Tatsuya and Housen member. This because as the head of Suzuran, he is proud bearer of the honour even know he would lose if fight with Tatsuya and the gangs. This teach me that I must brave to against all challengers and conjecture that will come especially as a student. Genji like a candle burning itself for other people.

Finally is love. Even this movie genre is action, comedy and violence it still have element love. The reasons is we can’t run from the love natural feeling as a human being. The proof is Genji has own love story with his girlfriend but at this not to highlight. Genji also loves the Suzuran and don’t want they all got beaten, that is why he decide to go alone to defeat Tatsuya.When his members got knows they have went to help their leader. This shows the followers love their leader.

          In conclusion, this story not suitable for public viewing because it has element violence. But, if we look at another side this story have many moral value that we can practice in our life. As a student I must have all this lesson from this movie. We keep the good and the bad things we throw far a way from our life. This moral value can helped me in my journey. Last but not least ” we can fly like crows, but we can’t follows his ways”. Think about it.