Saturday, February 12, 2011



         Crows zero is a action, comedy and violence movie directed by Takashi Miike. This movie is an adaptation from comics Crows. Crows zero is story about Suzuran high school, not famous in education but known strongly as the bad school. The goal all members suzuran is want to be the strongest school at japan. This school is headed by Takiya Genji. He want to prove to his father(Yakuza leader) and another school that he can join Yakuza(the feared mafia organisation). He fights another school named Housen that have same purpose like Suzuran. Everyone known Housen as ‘the army of killers’. Finally, Genji get respectful from Suzuran members because won the fought with Mito Tatsuya(leader Housen). Suzuran wear the black uniform school while the Housen choose the white colour as their uniform school. I liked this movie not only its action, but it is a lot of moral value.

Firstly, the moral value that I learn from this movie is friendship. Bond among members suzuran is tightly and precisely. In this movie, we can see when one members of suzuran had been beaten with Housen, all the members suzuran comes to revenges to their friend. They never let their member get hurt unless if they all deal to fight as the man(one by one) with Housen. The rest of the member just watch without intefere the both fighting. They never join or help because it symbol of honour for the real man. The both school must admit who was won as the strong fighter. Suzuran members relationship like siblings. In proverb like water will not be chopped off.

Secondly, another lesson is never give up. They must fight until they fall down or fainted. This characteristic have at their leader Genji that don’t know means of give up. He only knew wanted to bring back honour to Suzuran. From this soul he have trusted and respected from Suzuran members to led them. Genji also has won fight with Tatsuya due to this features. For me as student, we must have this spirit to face all the conjecture and challenge in our journey. If we weak or easily discouraged will been failed in our future.

Another lesson that i got from this movie is brave. This lesson we can see in the climax from this movie. The climax is when Genji comes to fighting alone against Housen leader. Genji did not want any of them get hurt because they are less in number than Housen. To full his promised, he comes alone to defeat Tatsuya and Housen member. This because as the head of Suzuran, he is proud bearer of the honour even know he would lose if fight with Tatsuya and the gangs. This teach me that I must brave to against all challengers and conjecture that will come especially as a student. Genji like a candle burning itself for other people.

Finally is love. Even this movie genre is action, comedy and violence it still have element love. The reasons is we can’t run from the love natural feeling as a human being. The proof is Genji has own love story with his girlfriend but at this not to highlight. Genji also loves the Suzuran and don’t want they all got beaten, that is why he decide to go alone to defeat Tatsuya.When his members got knows they have went to help their leader. This shows the followers love their leader.

          In conclusion, this story not suitable for public viewing because it has element violence. But, if we look at another side this story have many moral value that we can practice in our life. As a student I must have all this lesson from this movie. We keep the good and the bad things we throw far a way from our life. This moral value can helped me in my journey. Last but not least ” we can fly like crows, but we can’t follows his ways”. Think about it.


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