Monday, February 14, 2011

Saving Private Ryan

The story begins on June 6, 1944 in Normandy on Omaha Beach. Captain John Miller and his men land on a beach where the battle rages. In England, some realize that three of the four brothers of the Ryan family have died in combat. A rescue mission is organized to find the last of the four brothers, James F. Ryan, which was conducted by Captain Miller with a small elite group of 8 men. Only later, by chance, Miller finds Ryan and he announces to him that he has lost his three brothers and has his ticket back home. But, Ryan insists to defend the bridge over the Merderet river which he was assigned. Germans attack! The battle rages between SS troops with a regiment of armored units and the small American group. Finally, at the last moment, American planes attack. Of the 8 men in search of Ryan, only 2 survive. Ryan, meanwhile, has returned home, in Iowa. He will try to live as best he can to honor the sacrifice of the men who died to save him.
The moral of the story which I found in this movie is we must complete the task or mission that was given to us. During the mission to save Ryan, the soldiers doubts about why they have to face the danger only to save a person from war. It then became worse when one of the eight soldiers that conducted the mission was killed. He was killed by a German sniper in a Norman village in ruins. Despite that, Captain Miller ask their remaining men to continue the mission and they done just that. Lastly, only two from eight soldiers survived in that mission. I am very impressed with their determination to complete the task given to them although they knew that the task was dangerous and ridiculous.
This movie also contains nationalism moral value. As a citizen, we must always ready to defend our country if the enemy, such as Israel attacked us. The show shows that Nationalism is important in each human being. The American soldiers battle to the death in order to achieve victory for their nation. For example, in Normanday in Omaha Beach, U.S. soldiers are being slaughtered and survive only those who put themselves in the shelter of a dune. In a conclusion, we must ready to defend our nation if it being attacked.
The most important moral value in this show is we must make preparations before doing something. In this story, we can see that moral value when Captain Miller pick the seven best soldiers to bring with him to conduct a mission. While, the soldiers prepared themselves by taking the best equipment to bring such as weapons and food. Besides, Captain Miller and his men prepared a deadly booby-trap to face the overwhelming German soldiers in the last battle. They placed boms inside the road and under the bridge to damage the enemy tanks. He also made a clinical strategy such as placing a sniper on top of a building. So, we must always prepare ourselves in order to overcome the problems that will face us.
In a conclusion, the duty that was given to us must be finished. We must also must defend our country if it being attacked by evil enemy.
Prepared by, Mohd Saifuddin Bin Mohd Zulkufli AS1202E2 2010646038

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