Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Last Song Movie Review .

The last Song is an uplifting , touching  melodrama based on a novel written by Nicholas Spark . The Last Song follows Ronnie and her estranged father as he tries to restore the loving relationship they once had ,but reconnecting with his rebellious, reluctant teenage daughter isn’t an easy task .Throughout this heart-warming movie , there are lessons that we shall learn , such as never to put blames on others as it will destroyed ones life , learn to forgive and always learn to cherish things that are precious to us before it is gone for good .

One of the most obvious lesson learned is always cherish and appreciate things we have because we will never know when it will left us . Life on earth is only temporary . In the movie , Ronnie spends most of her time with her father after she knew her father was diagnosed with terminal illness in order to show her appreciation so that she won’t regret later on. She makes the most out of it because she will never know when God will take away her father . As for us , before it happen to us , we should be grateful and appreciate the things we have . The movie also reminded me of some facts in life. Life is short and momentary, make the best out of it . It reminded us to always appreciate life and people around us , especially the one we love and the one we care for .

Apart from that , from the movie I learned that we should forgive others .This reminded me of Ronnie and Blaze , an outcast who lives with her boyfriend Marcus , whom Ronnie met earlier at the beach . While at a beach campfire, Marcus hits on Ronnie and Blaze mistaken this and claimed that Ronnie is flirting with Marcus. Angered by this, Blaze sets Ronnie up by placing a bracelet in Ronnie's bag. When Ronnie walks out she is promptly arrested, reminding her of an incident back at home. But even after the unfortunate incident , Ronnie never held any grudges towards Blaze .She forgives her . Ronnie even help Blaze when she is desperately in need of money .In the movie , Ronnie’s mother even said “ We’re not perfect..we makes mistakes.But then we forgive and move forward .”

Lastly , never put blames on others because false accusation can destroy someone’s life . Ronnie’s father was accused of doing something he never commit . He was accused of burning the church , when the truth is he did not do it . Since the incident , he kept blaming himself for something he didn’t do . His life was full of regret and he never stop blaming himself . Imagine this thing happen to us . Being accused of something that we did not commit , plus people will keep pointing fingers at us . Imagine how miserable ones life could be .

To sum things up ,the last song not only portrayed about family , first love and second chances but also the lesson and moral values that we will learn at the end of this heartfelt movie . We can conclude that this movie taught us to forgive others , never put the blames on others and most significantly is to appreciate what we have . 


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