Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kabhi Khushi Khabie Gham Movie Review


   From the title of the movie, we know that the story about family conflicts which has characters of egoistic father, loving mother, with their two sons who one of them is an adapted son. The story also tells us about a woman that her father in law cannot accept her in the family. The conflicts started when the political family status whish is one of the family is a well-known and other one just an ordinary family. This movie shows varieties of life style in social life.

   The movie shows us many lessons about life and the consequences for what we have done in the past. One of the lessons that I think is do not be an egoistic person. In this movie the father character shows the characteristic. The father cannot accept his son marriage just because of the family status and the wealth. This should not happen in this day because we know that prosperity will not guide the future. From this lesson we also get that because of the egoistic, the family will be broken.  In the movie, the father and his son both cannot change their mind and also cannot cooperate and discuss about family matter. They just follow their stubborn mind without thinking of others felling. The person who gets hurt is their family and themselves.

    Besides that, other interesting lesson in this movie is love. The mother and the couples show this. The loving mother shows us her loving and soft-hearted characteristic. She proves that love can conquer the egoistic. Love can win in any situation just like the couple who are the main character in this story. Only true love can survives in the hardness of independent life without family bless ness and support. They learn about life without guide ness from the mature. Only love supports them and makes them stronger.  The true love gets them back home after chased by their parents. They prove that love cannot be easily played.

    Finally ,most importantly, the movie shows us about nationalism. Even we live and work in other country; we must remember our own country. In this movie, the main character show us how important to go back to our own country even if we study abroad or work there. We need to give our support to our country. We should not forget our culture. Even we are in well-known family, we must celebrating our happiness with others.

    To sum things up, this movie gives us many lesson and show the variety of life with different kind of people. It taught us how to solve family problem and proof that love is everything in life. Only the true love can survive and the one who are egoistic will regret their actions .




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