Wednesday, February 9, 2011


A Moment to Remember is a Korean movie directed by John H.Lee and starring by a great actor and actress from Korea who are Jung Woo-sung as Cheol-soo and Son Ye-jin as Su-jin. This movie is about a Korean love story about a young couple, Su-jin and Cheol-soo struggled in combat with the fatal Alzheimer which was ruining their marriage step by step. The end of the movei finishes off with Cheol-soo replaying the first time they met in the convenience store with all her friends and family in the store.

From this great movie, i can learn about sacrifice in any situation. In this movie, i can see that love need sacrifice from both sides. For example, Cheol-soo quited his job because he wanted to take care of his wife who has Alzheimer. Although his wife did not recognised him, but he kept be beside his wife to help her to remember all about the past. It is true that if we love the other one, we have to sacrifice anything even a small thing for the person that we loved.

Other than that, what i can learn from this movie is about in one family, we must have a strong love and always help others in our family. In this movie, i can see this good value through Su-jin's father. He worried about her daughter after she fainted at a party in their house. He went to hospital right away because he loves and did not wanted anything bad happen to his daughter, Su-jin. In one community, we does not have to be a selfish person because when we in trouble, people in same community will help us.

More over, i can learn about love is all about what we share from problems until happiness from this movie. I can see that Cheol-soo was a very patient husband and this is because although Su-jin did not remembered him and only could recognised her ex-boyfriend, Cheol-soo kept be patient and did everything that could make his wife remembered him. When we love someone, we must be in her or his side when they are in trouble or in good situation.

In conclusion, i can learn many goos things fron this romantic movie. After watching this, probably even people who are torturing by being disappointed in love, would not erase the memories. Although the memories are past, they were our life and love.


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