Friday, February 11, 2011

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Dear John is a 2010 romantic drama-war starring Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried. It was released theatrically in North America on February 5, 2010. The film was directed by Lasse Hallström, and it is an adaptation of Nicholas Sparks's novel of the same name. Special Forces Army Sergeant John Tyree (Channing Tatum) is home on leave from Germany when he meets Savannah Curtis (Amanda Seyfried). John and Savannah falls in love at first sight . As she is about to go back to college, she promises to write John overseas during the next 12-months until he returns to her after completing his enlistment.

First lesson that I learn from this movie is about love. In Dear John the love between Savannah and John was powerful and the movie had a sense of reality throughout every scene. They fall in love at first sight just two weeks. Many people fall in love and try to make things work, but as time goes on and the distance begins to feel larger and larger, the relationship changes as do the people. Also John and his father weren't as close in the beginning as they became in the end and ithey developed a better relationship before his fatehr died. Although it was obvious, in certain ways, that John's father had always loved and cared about him.

The second lesson based on this movie lend a hand for others when they need it. John visits Savannah and he discovers Tim has suffer from cancer. Savannah notes that Tim is confined to a hospital and in need of an experimental drug they cannot afford John sells his father's coin collection, though he keeps the first mule coin they found together. He anonymously donates the money from the sale to finance Tim's drug.

The last lesson that I discover after watching this movie is forgiveness. After Savannah has left him for Tim without telling him the truth why Savannah bear to ended their relationship, John still forgive her with all his heart and willing to accept her because he still loving her. John also forgive Tim for what he already done. John visits Tim in the hospital, where Tim apologizes to John for the situation and he also notes that Savannah still loves John and John accept his apologizes.

Dear John certainly had it’s moments of typical mush and gush, and had a lot of events created solely for the purpose of making you squirm or cry, but what surprised me was how interesting the characters were and how the journey’s of their lives, circumstances, and choices changed them forever. The end is unfortunately awkward and abrupt. The story deserved a more honest conclusion, but it had it’s relevance.

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written by; NUR WANIE

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