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***Taree Zameen Par***

Taree Zameen Par is a 2007 Bollywood drama film directed by Aamir Khan, written by Amole Gupte. The film explores the life and imagination of eight-year-old Ishaan. Although he excels in the arts, his poor academic performance leads his parents to send him to a boarding school. Ishaan's new art suspects that he is dyslexia, and helps him to overcome his disability. The lessons that can we find from this movie is, do not expect that your children can get excellent in their study, the mother’s patience, a hardworking teacher to help his student.

First lesson is, parents cannot expect that all their children can get excellent in their study. For example, Ishaan’s father found out that Ishaan always fails every test or exam and repeat his grade but he is very talented in painting. He is not like his brother. So, his father said that he is too lazy to study. He does not found out his son problems and send him to the boarding school because from there he can discipline himself. So, parent have to find what is their children problems because always not get a best result in exam and try to ask them why they are not have a good academic performance and do not just blame them also slow talk to them.

Ishaan and his teacher

The mother’s patience is show by Ishaan’s mother. His mother sacrified her career only fo her children. She wants to do the best for her children and family. But, Ishaan’s teacher told her that his boy maybe her son is retard. She also very disappointed with Ishaan because his performance is too bad. But, she also does not know what Ishaan problems are. So, parent should have patience to educate their children.

Ishaan and his beloved mom

Last lessons are, a hardworking teacher. Ishaan’s teacher had found out that Ishaan have dyslexic. So, he tries to tell Ishaan’s family about his problems. So, he helps Ishaan to overcome his disability. He teach Ishaan with patience and try to make Ishaan to like alphabet because Ishaan is a bright child who processes information differently from other children in his class and try to make Ishaan to paint again because Ishaan stop his hobby, painting after he was sent to boarding school. So, every teacher needs this value to overcome their student problem and also have to patience their students’ attitude and character especially kids.

Ishaan's painting in his bedroom's wall

In conclusion, even this movie maybe not attract people to watch because the main character is a kid, but in this movie have a lot of lessons. Parents should pay more attention to their children and try to understand them. Because of Ishaan's teacher, he love to learn about alphabet and try to improve his academic.

From : Nur Syazwani Muhamad  :)

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