Monday, February 14, 2011

Attention Please

Attention Please is a story about a girl, Yoko Misaki, age around 20 years old, who had lost her mother at young age. She had a crush on a guy, Tsukasa. Tsukasa always make fun of Misaki because of her boyish ettique, appearance just like a men. The way she walk and dress is not that feminin. One day, Tsukasa mentions that he wonders how she would look like in a uniform, the uniforms of the stewardess or in other word, cabin attendant. So she took it seriously, and work hard to wear the uniforms. She goes through ups and downs while she is in the training to become a cabin attendant, yet, she still keep smiling, good in hiding her sadness. From a girl who lack of manners, rough, unpatient, she turns out to be an outstanding cabin attendant. She manage to handle any issues that happen during the flight. She still the old Misake-san who loves to make hilarious spontaneous action, cheering up her friends, give them supports from the back and the side.

The first lesson that i learned from this movie is, DON'T YOU EVER KNOW THE WORD 'give up'. No matter how it starts, you started it, and you need to finish what you have started. Do not turn your back, keep the strong enthusiasms in your heart and in your mind, the whole body will do the same. Eventhough Misaki almost giving up, but she stand up and took her weakness as a challenge to move forward. She is a strong girl. Students nowadays should motivate theirself whenever they failed doing something or the things that they want turns upside-down. Therefore, stand up straight! Fight for your future sake!

There is one day when she was 'borrowing' her Senpai also known as Senior, uniforms, with the seniority scarf. Peoples, customers, guests and staffs treat her like she is real cabin attendant. She gets too exiting about wearing the uniform till a women which is a passenger ask her to guide her because she could not understand Japanese. Both of them, Misaki and the women, could not understand other languages and they are not really good in English. Misaki gets stress-out about the issue. Later on she started to think of the solution. She came out with this great idea, use a Body language. And she made it! She manage to guide the women to the gate and the women thank Misaki for her help. That day means a lot to Misaki, she learn more from the passenger that day and she started to understand the role of a cabin attendant. It is not just wearing gorgeous uniforms, it is all about helping the passengers, treating them equally with fully manners and enlighten their day.

Misaki-san working hard to get through the training session and pass the exam in order for her to become a cabin attendant. She use her free-time by applying all the knowledge that she has learned through-out the months from her instructor, Mikami Tamaki. Misaki used to give a burden to her group-mates when she always making some trouble and coming to class late. She is changing herself slowly from her appearance, attitudes, and performance. No one knows that she is practically training in the Training Room until one of her bestfriend notice it and inform it to their group-mates on how Misaki is trying hard to makesure everything going right. Misaki hopes that they all of them will pass the intermediate exam with flying colours. And they did. Congrats!

In conclusion, there is tons of other lessons that we can gain through this Japanese Drama. Please kindly watch this drama, ask me if you want the 11 episode of Attention Please. This drama help me to be more motivated and focus on my goal. It taught me for not knowing the word 'giving up'. If you are going through a problem, try to understand the situation and try to find the solution. Do not take something simply, because you may not know that it is more than that. To achieve something that you have dream of, you need to work hard and stay strong to achieve your goal. You the one that start to think about the goal, and you are the one that is responsible to complete it. Attitude is an important thing that you need to take care of. You knew your attitude, but you yourself are hard to trace which one is bad. People around you can see your real attitude, therefore, open up your mind, try to make some changes, from bad to better. It worth if you do it in the correct way. Avoid tuning fingers to others, infact, tune it to yourself. You will gain some lesson from it. Good Luck and thank you.

Rate for this Japanese story: *****

Mohd Faris Fikri bin Rusli

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