Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ayat-Ayat Cinta Movie Review :')

                         Ayat-Ayat Cinta movie is an Indonesian melodrama which is directed by Hanung Bramantyo. This movie is an adaptation based on best-selling novel written by Habiburrahman El Shirazy.This movie is a story about young handsome Fahri Bin Abdullah Shiddiq who is attending Al-Azhar University in Cairo Egypt in order to complete his studies. At the same time, his good manners attract women to know himself further. Based on this movie, it shows many lessons to be learned such as in Islam, women have to be respected, we as Muslims need to lend our help to one another among Muslims or other religions and for the third lesson will be Islam recommend us to get married due to avoid defamation.

                          For the first lesson, this movie tells how beautiful Islam is. It shows women are such a gift to be taking a really good care of. Islam glorifies women by protecting them in every single way. From this movie, it tells women have to be respected. For example, Noura who is Fahri’s neighbour has to face her cruel father, Bahadur who always keep beating her and force her to become a prostitute. From the example given, we know that women are not a doll to be damaged easily as simple as pie but women are someone that have to be respected. 

                          Second lesson is we should lend our help to one another among Muslims and other religion. Islam also recommends us to not being arrogant as in this life we should think about others to help them whenever they are in trouble. According to the movie, it shows how Fahri and Maria help Noura to set herself free from his cruel father by running away from her house. Maria helps Noura by letting her spend her night at Maria’s house. Besides, Fahri also helps Noura by making a meeting between Noura and her biological parents. Helping other people is a good thing to be practised in daily life. So that, we should lend our help among Muslims or other religions who are need any help.

                          Last but not least, Islam recommends us to get married in order to avoid defamation. Although there are many girls are in love with Fahri, it becomes slightly difficult as he mentions that Islam does not allow dating. For example, Fahri tells Alicia who is a journalist that really wants to study more about Islam that in Islam does not allow dating but they can do ‘taaruf’ which is an introduction between a man and a  woman before they decide to marry one another. Fahri marries Aisha as he really ready to take this responsibility as a husband to his wife. That is why, we shall get married in order to avoid defamation.

                          In conclusion, this movie is really teach us something. It touches our heart by showing that how beautiful Islam is in every single way. This movie imparts knowledge on reasons for Islamic values such as women have to be respected, we should lend our help to one another and marriage is recommended in Islam to avoid defamation. Islam is beautiful and completing our needs in this entire lifetime.


p/s : have a good time everyone!

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