Monday, February 14, 2011

Kung fu Panda Extravaganza

Kung fu Panda Extravaganza
I like to watching movie. Obviously, on weekend with my friends at the cinema. There are many movie I already watched. I found some of them very interesting also some of them is bad. I want to share about a movie I think the best movie I have seen so far in my life. The movie was kung fu panda. I had already watched this movie about ten times because I like this movie very much. Here I want to share about what I had learned lesson through this movie.
            First, this movie is about a big fat panda who are very interested in china’s kung fu art. He does not believe in himself to be a master in china’s  kung fu art but it is his dream every all the single day. But finally, he found the way to prove his talent even he is a big fat panda in the town. So in my opinion, I already learned something good lesson that I can follow. That is, we must believe in ourselves and there is nothing that we cannot do. Just believe in ourselves.
            Second, before the panda be a master in china’s  kung fu art, he got a lot of troubles. For example, because of his big fat body, no one trusted him can achieve the stage of master in kung fu art. Even his sifu also does not trusted in him to be the dragon warrior. But he does not give up easily. He face all the troubles without feel tired. We can see the value of determination in his heart. So, from this lesson, we can follow this good value and apply it in our everyday life to make our life more better.
            Lastly, I already learned a valuable lesson trough this movie. That is do not judge people by their appearance. Even the panda have a big stomach and fat in all his body, he got powerful talent in kung fu art and his heart is hard like a stone because it is not easy to be great warrior in kung fu art within many lack in personality and he will never give up all the way to achieve the name of ‘dragon warrior’. So do not say people who have week appearance does not have brave heart.
            In a nutshell, based on this movie, we can conclude that even we are not good at everything, but we must good at something. So we have to find in ourselves about our talent with full of patient and have knowledge. So that we can achieve what we wan and what we dream about. Based on this movie, I think this is the best movie ever because I will laugh all the single minute when I watching this movie and it make me so happy. Hahaha…huhuhu….hihihi…!! =)=)
By: Muhamad Azlan bin Ahmad Sabri-2010232568

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