Thursday, February 10, 2011

Forrest Gump Movie Preview

                “Stupid is as stupid does” says Forrest Gump. A story based on novel writes by Winston Groom is about an extraordinary person named Forrest Gump played by Tom Hanks. This story being filming by Robert Zemeckis has won a lot of award. Forrest Gump is a nerd person who always be bullied by his schoolmate as he can’t walk properly and has an IQ only 75 which make him look a little stupid. His mother always by his side to remind him that he is same with his other people. She wills to do anything as long as his son can live like the other normal person. I have learned a lot of things when I watched this movie.  

                The first thing I have learned from this movie is we must love all and appreciate all people around us. Forrest Gump loves his mother very much. This can be shown when he swim back from his ship to back home when he know that his mother is sick. He always obedient to his mother words and remember every words told by his mother. This shows that he really appreciates his mother. Forrest Gump also has only one girlfriend for all his life. His childhood sweetheart remains until he died. He really loves Jenny very much even Jenny has massed up her life. He never gives up finding Jenny and he also named his shrimp boat ‘JENNY’. When they meet, Jenny has a disease but Forrest Gump still love her and take a good care of Jenny until she died. Forrest Gump’s life around with several people but he really love and appreciate them.
                Next, I also have learned to give full commitment on what we are doing. After a war in Vietnam, Forrest Gump active in playing table tennis. He gives his full commitment on what he is doing. Finally, he defeats the Chinese National Team and won a medal. On the other hand, Forrest Gump continues his ill-fated army buddy’s dream, Bubba to be the largest shrimp supplier. Even though he did not have any experience, he never gives up and tries his best. His commitment gives him a profitable shrimping business. This shows that even we do not have any knowledge about what we want to do, if we give our full commitment and focus on what we do, we can success.

                Last but not least, from this movie make me realize that every people have their own advantages. Forrest Gump makes me realize that even with a low IQ level, his still can success with his life. With his low IQ, he still can do a lot of work which make he won a medal and can contribute his energy for war in Vietnam. He also can play football for his university. From his low IQ level, he can open a profitable shrimping business and be an original investor in Apple Computers. Even though he not normal likes other people, but he is a good son and friend and also a loyal lover. His life only for his beloved mother, Jenny, Bubba and Lieutenant Dan Taylor.

                In conclusion, Forrest Gump teaches me how to face my future and he makes me realize that determination, courage and love are more important than ability. He has captured fame, success and glory, but a love of his life was constantly in her heart. He make me understand that not only success, fame and glory are important in our life but there are other factor that more important than that which is love and friendship.
"Stupid is as stupid does" Forrest Gump



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Amazing film ! The concept and story of this movie is completing rewarding. I just love it.
Forrest Gump