Friday, February 11, 2011

Movie review: damping malam

Movie review: Damping malam
           Damping malam is about a couple, Wadi(Ahmad Idham) and Ku Khalira(Amy Mastura) who have been married for 14 years and are blessed with a daughter, Nuraiza(Erynne Erynna). Nuraiza is raised by her mysterious aunt, Umi Siah(Azizah Mahzan). It started when the child went to boarding school. The child and her family is disturbed by a devil. After so many things happen, her father seek for his friend who is also an ustaz. One by one secrets revealed and finally the husband knows about his wife lineage. The ending of the story is the child is died. She was claimed by the devil that her mother make a deal with. The lessons in this movie is trust, the important of family, and never make a deal with devil.

          First lesson that can be learned is trust. Trust is a belief that somebody that somebody is honest, sincere and will not try to harm or trick you. However, in this movie of Damping malam, Ku Khalira does not believe her husband as she afraid Wadi would have another woman behind her knowledge. This is also shown by Wadi who do not believe Umi Siah and she have been thrown away from the house. This is because Wadi believe that she is having a contract with devil. Therefore, we must have a positive thinking and should investigate the things first before we can accuse them on what they are not doing.

          Second lesson is the important of family. Family is a group consist of parents and children. Family is a closest person in our life and we are nothing without our family members. We must reconsider our family first because they will make sure that our decision is correct and give advantages to us. However, in this movie, Wadi had neglected his family and busy with his work as a businessman. He always with his friends and rarely back to his house. This shoud not be happened because family is important for us to rely on. If not, we will be alone and cannot share our feelings and ideas towards them.

          Last but not least, the third lesson is never make a deal or contract with devil. Devil is the most powerful evil spirit or satan. This is shown by Ku Khalira who make a deal to make sure her husband will loyal to her and would not looking for other woman. If she cannot renew the contract she made, she has to face the consequences where one of her family members will be dead. Therefore, we should not make any deal with devil because it have many bad consequences.Her daughter, Nuraiza was died because she cannot renew the contract as the shaman has died.
           In a nutshell, Damping malam give us many valuable lessons that can be use in our daily life. It tells us about the important of family. Family is everything to us and we are nothing without family. Then, it is about trust. It is essential in our life because it can change everything whether it is good or not. Lastly, never make a deal with devil. This should not be happen cause we should believe in God not devil. God is most powerful and the most merciful.


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