Friday, January 28, 2011

Assignment ooo -.-

okay guys this is our latest essay.

Dear darlings..

For your second essay, I want to you to do a movie review. You need to write about what you have learnt through that movie. You must state three (3) lessons in your essay which means one lesson per paragraph. The movie can be in any languages (Malay, English, Chinese, Tamil and etc). You must include these items in your essay:

1) Introduction 
  • Include a very short summary of the movie ( 4 to 5 sentences)
  • A thesis statement which INCLUDES ALL YOUR LESSONS
2) Body
  • Each body paragraph must have a TOPIC SENTENCE
  • Support your main idea with two (2) examples
  • End your paragraph with a CONCLUDING SENTENCE
3) Conclusion
  • Restate your THESIS STATEMENT

*The essay/movie review must be at least 350words
*Please use a readable font
*The due date is on 11th February 2011 and there is no specific time.

credit to miss amalina :)

ps : if you do not how to post your essays in this blog, u guys can just email me your essays and i will put it here. thank youuuu !



Miss Amalina said...

There is a slight change for the submission date..please refer to the entry once again..thank you..

zamircullen said...

ouhhh.....going to watch a movie first then only I can do the essays...haha....

let's go to the GSC pavi....hehhe...=)